A Crystal for Love!

Happy Valentine’s Day!  This weekend totally celebrates the idea of Love with International Self Love Day occurring on the 13th of February and Valentine’s Day on the 14th.  So I thought it would be the perfect time to introduce you to a Crystal for Love.

Whether you are wanting to love yourself more or are actually seeking love, the perfect crystal to promote heart healing and attract love is Rose Quartz.

This gentle and loving crystal is a delicate rose pink in color and has a vibration of unconditional love, joy and healing.


Like all quartz crystals it will amplify energy, so its a great choice to have placed throughout your home to enhance all types of relationship and interactions with others.  It will encourage compassion, self love, relieve stress, ease heartache, promote forgiveness and instill inner peace.

Resonating with and opening the heart chakra it is a great stone choice for balancing the emotions as it’s soothing energy assists to release repressed hurts and negativity.

If you are single and wish to find a romantic partner try placing a piece on your bedside table.


Rose Quartz is quite affordable, a wonderful jewelry choice, particularly to be worn close to the heart and would be one of my first stone suggestions to anyone just starting their crystal journey.

Danie xx


February a Month for Seeing Red!

Earlier this week I touched on the Chinese New Year and the COLOR red.  Red is definitely the appropriate color to focus further on this month as it is not only a color which symbolizes Good Fortune and Happiness for the Chinese, but also the color of passion and seduction associated with cupid and St Valentine’s Day.

Red is warm and energizing.  It can signify anger, danger and the need to stop, as well as courage.  It is the color of blood, and vitality,  and is also associated with the element of fire and the devil.


We all have a connection to the color of red through our body.


Red is the color which represents our Root/Base Chakra located at the base of our spine and pelvic floor.  This chakra is associated with our sense of security and survival and our connection to our physical body, environment, the earth, our ancestors, family and origins.

Keeping this chakra in balance helps keeps us grounded, mentally and emotionally stable.

Some signs that you may not be grounded include:

  • Feeling lightheaded, dizzy or spaced out.
  • Forgetfulness, losing or misplacing things
  • Feeling unwell, fatigued or lacking energy.
  • Sensitivity to light and noise
  • Feeling nervous or overstimulated.
  • Any ailment connected to our legs and kidneys, even feeling more comfortable sitting cross legged  can also be a sign that we are not grounded.
  • A dislike of this color, therefore it is not present in your environment at work or home, or your wardrobe

I posted a few days ago that connecting with the earth, ie.  walking barefoot on the grass, or at the beach can help us to ground, however we can also use CRYSTALS to aid us in grounding our energy.


The energies of both Red and Black Crystals are good for helping us to stay grounded.

Crystals that are red in color such as Red Jasper will help to give your energy a boost if you are feeling fatigued or lacking energy, while black crystals such as Black Obsidian are good if your energy needs to be calmed down when you are overstimulated.

You will find that black crystals are also often protective stones, which assist us in shielding our energy fields from negativity, electromagnetic pollution, physic attack and the like.

Each different type of crystal and color stone has a range of different attributes which when you start to utilize and work with them can energetically assist your well-being. That is why I love them and I hope to help introduce you to them some more over time here on the blog.

Today however we were talking about the color red.


Here’s a few more interesting facts about this color.

  1. Red was a widely used color pigment (iron oxides) used to paint on cave walls in pre-historic times while in early civilizations fabrics such as silk were dyed with pigments extracted from plants and insects.  Some of these methods are still used today.
  2. Only 1 – 2% of the world’s population are natural red heads.
  3. Red is the most popular colors used on flags with 77% of the world’s flags having red on them.
  4. About 8% of the world’s male population and 0.5% of the female population are color blind (have a vision deficiency) and can not visibly see this color correctly.
  5. In European Culture, red is the color used to describe an area of the city (district) that sells pornography and sex.
  6. Being known as a stimulating color it has been proven to elevate blood pressure and increase heart rates in some people while a flashing red light can cause convulsions in some people suffering from epilepsy.


The main association to the Color Red in February is Valentine’s Day which is celebrated this coming Sunday.

From it’s religious beginnings celebrating one or more of the Christian Saints named Valentius, there has been many adaptions to the origins of St Valentine’s Day and many a tall tale told.  However it was first officially associated with Romance upon the conception of ‘Courtly Love’ in the Middle Ages. Originally conceived for the entertainment purposes of nobility the ideals behind ‘Courtly Love’  soon attracted a wider audience and developed into an occasion where people expressed their love for one another by the giving of gifts.and hand written notes/cards which were called valentines.

Today symbols of hearts, doves and winged cupids are used to mark this occasion and mass produced greeting cards have replaced the handwritten note.


A popular gift to give on this day are Red Roses which symbolize love and passion.  It is said that one rose symbolizes Love, a dozen signifies Gratitude while twenty five are given as Congratulations and fifty symbolize Unconditional Love.

It is a great blessing to be shown you are loved, but whether or not someone gives us roses on Valentine’s Day, it is important to remember that we all are loved and that we try wherever possible to live from a place of love – our hearts.

Love and Light to you all.

Danie xx





Oh I do like to be by the Seaside!


Today Rod and I ventured down to the sea – the nearby Dirawong Reserve and Chinamans Beach at Evans Head.  We got up before the sun rose to start our travels and set off in the predawn, overcast gloom as the flying foxes were making their path towards their home after a night of feasting.

P1020366 framed

The sun was struggling to break through the clouds………..however by the time we made it to the water (just under an hours drive) it was putting up a good fight and the light welcomed us onto the sand.

Mother Nature was calling us, with an important part of any spiritual practice being to ensure you are well grounded. Getting outdoors and stepping into nature is the perfect way to do this.  You should allow your bare feet to CONNECT with the earth beneath it, or in our case today it was both the sand and the salty waters of the Pacific.

In doing so your body will absorb the tranquil energy of the earth which assists to remove and transmute any built up stress that is present in your body (you may choose to sit, walk, stand or lay down)……..it’s all about having direct contact with the earth and the exchange of electrons. Some people (my husband is one of them) like to hug a tree for this same purpose.  Being conductive (absorbing) of the earth’s energy has a wonderful effect on your immune system too and if you choose to walk on the beach the pumice like grains of sand with not only soothe your soul but smooth your soles.

P1020384 framed

By the sea you can allow your soul to be cleansed by the crisp, clean salty air and mesmerized by the ebb and flow of the tide.  Meditating while listening to the sounds of the waves is said to flood your mind with memories of past lives and help put things in perspective.

For me stepping into nature is usually more about having my eyes open to enjoy the tantalizing textures and colors of both the flora and fauna offered up by Mother Nature with my camera at the ready.

P1020378 framed

Today we strolled from headland to headland, with the only observers of our presence being the seagulls.   Walking at a snails pace gave us plenty of time to study the treasures being gifted to the shore by the sea.  Shells, cuttlefish even the odd ocean tumbled stone, along with some seaweed and a feather made up this bounty.  Some of which accompanied us home to be looked upon and admired a little more and to be a later reminder to us of our wonderful escape to the sea.

P1020386 framed

Revitalized and with a grateful heart we returned home ready to take on the day.

Do you like to be by the sea, or is it the forest and the mountains that are your preferred place to venture when nature calls?


February 2016 – New Moon Reading

With the New Moon occurring in the early hours of this morning, last night was perfect time for a New Moon Reading to give us a little insight for the month ahead.  I was first introduced to this particular spread when I purchased the Australian Wildflower Reading Cards by Cheralyn Darcey so I decided to work with these cards today.

Let these cards speak to you.  See what comes to mind when you look at the gorgeous illustrations and when you read the Guidance or Word shown on the Card.  This is your personal guidance and message along with your interpretation of what I read from the cards.  I’ve highlighted the key messages for you that came through.  You may also like to work with the actual flowers represented and their energies.  If so place them in areas of your home or office where they will be highly visible.

The Wildflower Oracle New Moon Spread is a five card reading connecting to the cycle and energies of the Moon.


 1.  Sturt’s Desert Rose – Courage

The first card in the reading represents the Full Moon and your power base for the month ahead. This power base can be both an ally or a challenge and highlights what will be affecting you the most in the coming month.

So the question here is will you be courageous and go after what it is you most desire or will it be fear or a lack of confidence that will challenge you this month.  The message here is to believe in yourself as you feel more compelled to take action towards achieving what your heart desires.

2.  Kangaroo Paw – Forgiveness

This card represents the Waxing Moon and what Energy and Opportunities will be coming your way. The energy of forgiveness gives us all an opportunity for self healing.  The process of forgiveness involves releasing and letting go which allows space for new things to come into our life.  It also enables us to be more kind and honest with ourselves and others.

3.  Tree Spider Orchid – Resolve

This card represents the Waning Moon and what you will be moving away from or leaving behind.

In simple terms leaving behind resolve this month means surrender.  Don’t get stuck on having to stick to the plan,  be open to the fact that things might change, let go of the finer details, the timing or the how to do things.  Simply trust that everything with turn out as the Divine only ever has your best interests at heart.

4.  Native Geranium – Protection

The forth card signifies the Dark Moon and shows you something you could be missing. What is it that needs protecting in relation to your current situation?

Ask yourself what do you need to protect and see what comes to mind.  It may be your thoughts, it may be your balance, reputation or your integrity. It may simply be your energy.  One way to protect yourself is to be sure you stay grounded.

Because this is something we could miss this month I encourage you check in regularly with your feelings and body as a whole, what messages is it trying to relay to you.  It may be telling you to rest, or to avoid harsh environments and negativity (including people).  Follow that inner voice.  

5.  Grevillea – Creativity

This last card represents the New Moon and what you should focus on.

Creativity comes in many forms.  Finding a creative hobby can have healing benefits and bring you great joy, however this card doesn’t necessarily mean expressing yourself in artistic ways.  It could be coming up with a creative solution to a problem you are facing, or a new way of thinking if you are in a rut.  You may be looking at starting a new project that stems from a creative idea you have had.  The energy of the Grevillea flower inspires creative thinking and promotes courage which reaffirms the message of our first card today.

So the key messages for the coming month are to Believe in Yourself, Let Go & Surrender, Listen to your Inner Voice and do some Creative Thinking.

I hope that this guidance is of some help to you over the coming weeks.

Love and Light

Danie xx


Happy New Year & Happy New Moon!


Today the 8th of February marks the start of the Chinese New Year for 2016.  This year is that of the Red or Fire Monkey.  Each Chinese Year is represented by one of the 12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac along with one of the five elements (earth, wood, fire, water and metal). With each Zodiac and Element combination only occurring once every 60 years.

The Chinese New Year is always celebrated on the New Moon at the Start of the Chinese Lunar Calendar Year (which combines both lunar and solar systems) and which commences with the Sign of the Tiger and the Start of Spring.

If you want to find out exactly how the Year of the Monkey will effect you personally you can head over to this page which will give you a glance at each Chinese Zodiac Sign’s Predictions as it depends on the year you were born and your lucky element.

For anyone born in the year of the monkey this year is said to be one that will bring you bad luck.  It is believed that each year represented by the zodiac sign of your year of birth is one that will be bad luck for you.  I guess we are all lucky it’s a twelve year cycle and not a one or three year.

If you are a monkey perhaps it’s wise to read up on all the things you need to know about the year ahead such as your lucky numbers, colors and directions.  I have linked to one page containing this and much more information about the Chinese New Year of the Fire Monkey here.

I always love reading up on traditions and rituals that have transpired the ages and the internet is always a great place to start looking at this and I definitely didn’t expect to find so many superstitions associated with the first day of the Chinese New Year.

Here’s a few things that it is believed should be avoided on the first day of the year.


Taking Medicine, Eating Porridge, Washing Your Clothes, Washing your Hair, Sweeping, Leaving the House if you are a women, Using Sharp Objects, Killing Things/Spilling Blood, Wearing Black and White, and Giving Gifts of Clocks, Scissors and Pears.


For the Chinese Red is the COLOR associated with the element of Fire and is one of the luckiest colors.  It is their National color and represents happiness and good fortune.


Both homes and businesses are adorned with red lanterns and it is a color widely used for weddings and other celebratory events.  During the Chinese New Year Celebrations and other special occasions Red Envelopes stuffed with money are given as gifts with the red packet symbolizing good luck.

Is red one of your favored colors?  If not perhaps you should become more acquainted with it for 2016.  It may just bring you good fortune!

We will explore the color red in more depth a little later on this month.

I did mention that today is also the New Moon (well in most of the world it is on the 8th)………but it actually occurs at 1.38am on 9th of February Sydney time as we are ahead of most other parts of the world.

The time of the new moon is about setting intentions and manifesting, a time to think about what is it you want to achieve or acquire over the coming month/cycle.  It is the perfect theme for your reflection or meditation today or tomorrow, see where your thoughts take you, make a list and see what comes true for you.

Be sure to join me back here tomorrow as I CONNECT with Spirit (the angels and my guides) I will be doing a New Moon Reading tonight and tomorrow I will share with you what you can expect for the coming month.


Danie xx