Happy New Year & Happy New Moon!


Today the 8th of February marks the start of the Chinese New Year for 2016.  This year is that of the Red or Fire Monkey.  Each Chinese Year is represented by one of the 12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac along with one of the five elements (earth, wood, fire, water and metal). With each Zodiac and Element combination only occurring once every 60 years.

The Chinese New Year is always celebrated on the New Moon at the Start of the Chinese Lunar Calendar Year (which combines both lunar and solar systems) and which commences with the Sign of the Tiger and the Start of Spring.

If you want to find out exactly how the Year of the Monkey will effect you personally you can head over to this page which will give you a glance at each Chinese Zodiac Sign’s Predictions as it depends on the year you were born and your lucky element.

For anyone born in the year of the monkey this year is said to be one that will bring you bad luck.  It is believed that each year represented by the zodiac sign of your year of birth is one that will be bad luck for you.  I guess we are all lucky it’s a twelve year cycle and not a one or three year.

If you are a monkey perhaps it’s wise to read up on all the things you need to know about the year ahead such as your lucky numbers, colors and directions.  I have linked to one page containing this and much more information about the Chinese New Year of the Fire Monkey here.

I always love reading up on traditions and rituals that have transpired the ages and the internet is always a great place to start looking at this and I definitely didn’t expect to find so many superstitions associated with the first day of the Chinese New Year.

Here’s a few things that it is believed should be avoided on the first day of the year.


Taking Medicine, Eating Porridge, Washing Your Clothes, Washing your Hair, Sweeping, Leaving the House if you are a women, Using Sharp Objects, Killing Things/Spilling Blood, Wearing Black and White, and Giving Gifts of Clocks, Scissors and Pears.


For the Chinese Red is the COLOR associated with the element of Fire and is one of the luckiest colors.  It is their National color and represents happiness and good fortune.


Both homes and businesses are adorned with red lanterns and it is a color widely used for weddings and other celebratory events.  During the Chinese New Year Celebrations and other special occasions Red Envelopes stuffed with money are given as gifts with the red packet symbolizing good luck.

Is red one of your favored colors?  If not perhaps you should become more acquainted with it for 2016.  It may just bring you good fortune!

We will explore the color red in more depth a little later on this month.

I did mention that today is also the New Moon (well in most of the world it is on the 8th)………but it actually occurs at 1.38am on 9th of February Sydney time as we are ahead of most other parts of the world.

The time of the new moon is about setting intentions and manifesting, a time to think about what is it you want to achieve or acquire over the coming month/cycle.  It is the perfect theme for your reflection or meditation today or tomorrow, see where your thoughts take you, make a list and see what comes true for you.

Be sure to join me back here tomorrow as I CONNECT with Spirit (the angels and my guides) I will be doing a New Moon Reading tonight and tomorrow I will share with you what you can expect for the coming month.


Danie xx



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