February 2016 – New Moon Reading

With the New Moon occurring in the early hours of this morning, last night was perfect time for a New Moon Reading to give us a little insight for the month ahead.  I was first introduced to this particular spread when I purchased the Australian Wildflower Reading Cards by Cheralyn Darcey so I decided to work with these cards today.

Let these cards speak to you.  See what comes to mind when you look at the gorgeous illustrations and when you read the Guidance or Word shown on the Card.  This is your personal guidance and message along with your interpretation of what I read from the cards.  I’ve highlighted the key messages for you that came through.  You may also like to work with the actual flowers represented and their energies.  If so place them in areas of your home or office where they will be highly visible.

The Wildflower Oracle New Moon Spread is a five card reading connecting to the cycle and energies of the Moon.


 1.  Sturt’s Desert Rose – Courage

The first card in the reading represents the Full Moon and your power base for the month ahead. This power base can be both an ally or a challenge and highlights what will be affecting you the most in the coming month.

So the question here is will you be courageous and go after what it is you most desire or will it be fear or a lack of confidence that will challenge you this month.  The message here is to believe in yourself as you feel more compelled to take action towards achieving what your heart desires.

2.  Kangaroo Paw – Forgiveness

This card represents the Waxing Moon and what Energy and Opportunities will be coming your way. The energy of forgiveness gives us all an opportunity for self healing.  The process of forgiveness involves releasing and letting go which allows space for new things to come into our life.  It also enables us to be more kind and honest with ourselves and others.

3.  Tree Spider Orchid – Resolve

This card represents the Waning Moon and what you will be moving away from or leaving behind.

In simple terms leaving behind resolve this month means surrender.  Don’t get stuck on having to stick to the plan,  be open to the fact that things might change, let go of the finer details, the timing or the how to do things.  Simply trust that everything with turn out as the Divine only ever has your best interests at heart.

4.  Native Geranium – Protection

The forth card signifies the Dark Moon and shows you something you could be missing. What is it that needs protecting in relation to your current situation?

Ask yourself what do you need to protect and see what comes to mind.  It may be your thoughts, it may be your balance, reputation or your integrity. It may simply be your energy.  One way to protect yourself is to be sure you stay grounded.

Because this is something we could miss this month I encourage you check in regularly with your feelings and body as a whole, what messages is it trying to relay to you.  It may be telling you to rest, or to avoid harsh environments and negativity (including people).  Follow that inner voice.  

5.  Grevillea – Creativity

This last card represents the New Moon and what you should focus on.

Creativity comes in many forms.  Finding a creative hobby can have healing benefits and bring you great joy, however this card doesn’t necessarily mean expressing yourself in artistic ways.  It could be coming up with a creative solution to a problem you are facing, or a new way of thinking if you are in a rut.  You may be looking at starting a new project that stems from a creative idea you have had.  The energy of the Grevillea flower inspires creative thinking and promotes courage which reaffirms the message of our first card today.

So the key messages for the coming month are to Believe in Yourself, Let Go & Surrender, Listen to your Inner Voice and do some Creative Thinking.

I hope that this guidance is of some help to you over the coming weeks.

Love and Light

Danie xx



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