A Crystal for Love!

Happy Valentine’s Day!  This weekend totally celebrates the idea of Love with International Self Love Day occurring on the 13th of February and Valentine’s Day on the 14th.  So I thought it would be the perfect time to introduce you to a Crystal for Love.

Whether you are wanting to love yourself more or are actually seeking love, the perfect crystal to promote heart healing and attract love is Rose Quartz.

This gentle and loving crystal is a delicate rose pink in color and has a vibration of unconditional love, joy and healing.


Like all quartz crystals it will amplify energy, so its a great choice to have placed throughout your home to enhance all types of relationship and interactions with others.  It will encourage compassion, self love, relieve stress, ease heartache, promote forgiveness and instill inner peace.

Resonating with and opening the heart chakra it is a great stone choice for balancing the emotions as it’s soothing energy assists to release repressed hurts and negativity.

If you are single and wish to find a romantic partner try placing a piece on your bedside table.


Rose Quartz is quite affordable, a wonderful jewelry choice, particularly to be worn close to the heart and would be one of my first stone suggestions to anyone just starting their crystal journey.

Danie xx


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