Making Friends with the Early Morning Muse

Happy New Year.  It’s been a while – a new year is upon us.  I have lots of news, but today it’s more of a story.  I wanted to talk to you about a muse – The Early Morning Muse.

Making her presence known in the wee hours of the morning usually somewhere between midnight and dawn, she started appearing many years ago when I had lots of things on my mind with work and was restless in my sleep.  She would help me make to do lists and the like,  she was always good at organising things in my head.  At times when I stepped outside of my comfort zone, felt fear but faced it anyway,  she would also appear offering similar to do lists and words of encouragement.

Now as our acquaintance has endured she is more of a creative confidant offering snippets of wisdom and opinion/advice.  And sometimes just sometimes  I think she visits simply because she has missed me.

Her presence reminds me of lyrics by Simon and Garfunkel –

“Hello darkness my old friend I have to come to talk to you again,  because a vision softly creeping left it’s seeds while I was sleeping.

And the vision that was planted in my brain, still remains within the sound of silence.”

Over time I have learned that she is the planter of the seeds, the inspirer, she speaks the truth and of my heart’s desire.  She encourages me to test the boundaries and step out of my comfort.

She has appeared quite often of late.  Even though I have sought the acquaintance of such a muse in my waking hours it would appear that my muse, this muse of mine likes to shine her light more in the dark of night in the company of many a fleeting dream.

I willingly rise to greet her now with open arms and love in my heart no matter the hour.  I have learned to listen, feel, see and know her words, writing them down as she speaks to me.  Making a cherished record of each meeting in all it’s glory.  If I don’t her words become a faint memory lost to the night upon my waking

She is wise, she is love and all those things such as beauty and joy.  She is strength, She is courage, She is playful and free.  She is all those things I am and that I wish to be.

Her visits, some short and some long are often serenaded by the birds awakening to the light of day about to rise.  She is the Early Morning Muse and she is now a good friend.

She came to me last night and this is why I now find myself writing this post.  Her visit this time was perhaps because before going to bed I shared on facebook with my family and friends my first offering of 2017 combining all the things I  love.  I have called it a Mindfulness and Mixed Media Workshop and my first session as we kick off 2017  is going to focus on Manifesting and Mandalas with a few other practices thrown in.

My Early Morning Muse wanted to lend me her wisdom and give me her blessing, recognising my fear of putting myself out there with this.  Her message was gentle – You are safe to be seen!  Let your passion be your True North on the Compass of Life as it’s time to  go on a New Adventure.


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